Welcome Home!

No matter where you come from, where you are, or where you've been, Welcome Home! Truth Tabernacle is a place where the love of God abounds. We’re a body made up of several diverse parts. We’re a family that holds together and supports one another. But most of all, we are a home–-embracing every individual with open arms and serving as a place of shelter for those looking to belong.

We believe that this walk with God is a love-relationship, not a stale contract of law. We believe that the greatest expression of our love for God is to worship Him with our lives. Of course, we worship God in our services, too. Our worship is a passionate expression of our love for our Savior. It goes beyond music. It goes beyond words. It is a connection between God and man resulting in a move of the powerful, life-changing presence of God.

We also believe that “church” is supposed to be more than just a typical service on a typical Sunday. Jesus, through the Apostles, designed the church to be a living organism, something that impacts and integrates every area of life. Truth Tabernacle is a small community of believers that seeks to live life as God intended…abundantly. Abundantly as in “over and above” anything that the world has to offer.

We hope you join us along the journey!

Our Mission

Truth Tabernacle exists to be a modern-day embodiment of the original New Testament Church. The five-fold mission of Truth Tabernacle is to:
Reach our area with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Minister to our community.
Offer hope to the hopeless.
Provide healing to the hurting.
Serve God wholeheartedly in the beauty of holiness.

physical address

Truth Tabernacle
429 Gordon Street
Blackshear, GA 31516

get in touch

P: (912) 449-3004
E: welcome@truthtab.church

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